Service Offered

Onsite & In-Shop Services of PC’s is only $105.00/HR

Onsite & In-Shop Services of Apple Computers is only $120.00/HR

Add a second tech for only $75.00/HR. Can save you time, and money.

Travel time is one way from our shop to your home/office. At our normal 105/HR Unless it is a pickup/delivery.

On-site is 1 HR minimum + 1 way travel time

– Replace: Motherboards, Laptop Power Jack, keyboards, screens, speakers, RAM, CPU, power supply, etc.

– Repair Motherboard issues, which may include soldering new components to it.

– Upgrades: Video cards, RAM, CPU, etc.

– Recover: Personal information from defective Hard drives or other media.

– Reinstallation of Operating System, IE: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, Ubuntu Linux, MAC OSX Lion etc.

– Virus Removal, removal of Viruses from system.

– PC Cleanup- Cleaning Start up items, temporary files, internet options, and more!

Get Professional & Instant Computer Repair Service

We provide of various service to fix your computer from hardware to software, click the button below to discover more

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